The History of Avon Cleaners

Karoly Godo, a Hungarian immigrant, entered the USA in November of 1956 with only the “shirt on his back.” 

Karoly landed in New Jersey and then hung out in New York City for three weeks. He quickly found that New York did not need his European talent. Remembering the movies he saw in Budapest—mostly Westerns—he knew that Texas was the place to make his mark. 

Much to his surprise he did not see stagecoaches or cowboys riding down Main Street with six-shooters strapped to their leg as he thought he might. There was, however, opportunity.

Purchased in 1968 by Karoly and Pat Godo, Avon Cleaners began as a 4-person operation with a single residential route. The previous owner stayed on for 2 years to teach Karoly about the business. For the next 8 years the Godos successfully worked on expanding Avon Cleaners.

Then, in 1978, Avon purchased Miracle Mile Cleaners, the competitor on the next block. This gave Avon control over shirt production and the opportunity to further expand.

Then, in 1986 Avon grew even more by opening its doors on Saturday. Today Avon operates 2 retail locations in Dallas and remains under the operation of the Godo family.

Our Community

After 50 years in the neighborhood, the Godo family and Avon Cleaners are active members of the Park Cities community. To lear more and get involved, click here

Our Associations

As Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier dry cleaner, Avon Dry Cleaners strives to be at the forefront of the dry cleaning business. That is why Avon has been a part of many of the leading industry associations to not only keep up with the best practices within the industry, but also in a leadership role to be a valuable resource to others.

Avon Dry Cleaners is a proud member of the following professional associations:

  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute: the world’s leading professional garment care organization
  • Neighborhood Cleaners Association
  • Southwest Dry Cleaners Association: Patricia Godo, former president
  • Roundtable of Launderers and Dry Cleaners: the oldest association of its kind in America

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