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Dallas Dry Cleaner, Fabric Care and Storage: Park Cities, TX

Avon Dry Cleaner's hours of operation: 
Monday through Friday 7 am-6:30 pm
Saturday 9 am-1 pm

In our experience, 

laundry is a personal thing.

Studies indicate that your choice of service depends on two factors. 1. how near the dry cleaner is to your home or work and 2. how well the service relationship plays to your preferences. 

In other words, convenience and quality. 

As the nearest and most convenient cleaner in Park Cities, quality means we clean leather, suede, bed comforters, wedding dresses, everyday and couture apparel, furs, vintage, area rugs, napkins and tablecloths and we do so as a personal endeavor. 

Our Mom and Pop Shop which began with Hungarian handcrafted focus has been our promise, our persona and our core belief for 50 years. 

There is a reason that Avon Professional Dry Cleaners has been the premier laundry pickup and delivery services in the Park Cities all this time. 

Ultimately, we are the dry cleaner nearest you because we grew up here in these very neighborhoods and it's personal. 

We have two locations in Dallas-- Lovers Lane and Hillcrest. Stop by, or check out our Pick Up and Delivery Service

Dallas Dry Cleaner, Fabric Care & Storage: Park Cities, TX

We were recently voted People's Choice, by People Newspaper. Thank you! We love Dry Cleaning.
We have been the Dallas Dry Cleaner since 1968. That's just shy of 50 years and 3 generations. For us, Everyday is Laundry Day !

As a family owned Dallas Dry Cleaner we proudly offer other services such as Pick Up and Delivery, Wash and Fold, Cleaning of Area Rugs, Bedding, Table Fabrics, Furs, Leather and Suede as well as basic mending, conservation and alterations.

You can Find your Dallas Dry Cleaner in two convenient locations:
4347 Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75225 (located next to Drip Coffee and the Tailors)
6301 Hillcrest Avenue Dallas, Texas 75205 (located on the corner of Asbury across from SMU)

Also, this Dallas Dry Cleaner will come to you, pick up your laundry, wash it, care for it, and return it. Click here to have Jeanne set up your personal service.

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