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Dry Cleaning

Because we are Dallas’ garment specialists, Avon Dry Cleaners has earned the reputation as the finest dry cleaning service to have your most special items taken care of. 

We work with garments and fabrics many cleaners can’t or won’t do, while making sure they are cared for properly. 

When it matters most for you, bring your specialty items to Avon for dry cleaning.

Avon can also do garment restoration. If you have a damaged or vintage apparel let us know and we will do everything possible to get that garment looking good as new.

In addition to dry cleaning, laundry and linens, Avon Dry Cleaners also does the following as well:

Leather cleaning

Fur cleaning

Area rug cleaning


Garment alterations


Laundry Service

Avon Dry Cleaners specializes in Laundry services for our Highland Park, University Park and Dallas clients.

Laundry is especially popular with busy people and organizations which have high volumes of laundry, along with those who simply dislike doing laundry !

Many of our clients are students who lack the time to do a great job on their own laundry. In fact, we are an exclusive provider of dry cleaning and laundry services to students and faculty of SMU and TCU in Fort Worth, TX !

At Avon, you can drop off your laundry to any of our two locations and we’ll have your clothing ready for you asap.

In terms of superior services, we hand finish:

Dry cleaning

Shirt laundry

Bed linens

Table linens

Fabric Care

Ask one of our staff about how we can provide wardrobe storage for your seasonal garments such as gowns and tuxedos, as well as fur storage.

Avon Professional Dry Cleaners is the premier laundry pickup and delivery service in Highland Park, with locations in Dallas.

Having been in business since 1968, our friendly, professional staff is ready to handle your most valuable clothing.

We know how important it is to look your best. That’s why we give our customers the ultimate in garment care – full hand finishing- every time.

We also offer exclusive pick-up and delivery for busy professionals throughout the DFW metroplex.

Specializing in Garment Care Since 1968.